I wish to bring to the attention of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, DG Department of State Services – DSS, IG of Police, DG National Intelligence Agency NIA, the Director of Military Intelligence DMI, the Diplomatic Community and the general Public etc, of sponsored plots by some highly placed individuals in the Rivers State Government and a member of the House of Representatives to assassinate me at all cost any moment from now in the buildup to the 2023 political era.

That this plot by these highly placed individuals particularly from Akuku Toru and Degema axis of the state, was revealed to me by high profile intelligence and undoubted sources, which has confirmed what I have been observing based on the advances made against me by the persons attempting variously to compromise my personal security.

That part of the plan is to frame me up and deploy some security officials to my house under the guise of a search and then open fire on me, then turn to allege that I engaged the officials in a gun battle and that is why they opened fire in self defense to kill me.

That these individuals, amongst whom is a top appointee of the Rivers State government from Akuku Toru have passed directives to all LGA Chairmen in Rivers State to perfect these plots should I bring my non violent Outreaches to their Areas through the Kengema Unity Forum (KUF) and Network for the Defense of Democratic and Good Governance (NDDGG), which I respectively founded.
Part of the plot is to cause an uprising in the course of my non violent outreaches in various communities by planting hoodlums in our midst to justify my killing as a cover for their mission. They also plot to tactically influence the withdrawal of my security detail in order to make me vulnerable to attack.
May I state that this may not be undoubtedly unconnected to my stance against bad governance and demand for accountable leadership in the state. Because I have succeeded in stripping these politicians of their hold on our youths for violence and supportively ensured their meaningful and resourceful engagements.

These class of politicians find it uncomfortable because i do not do their bidding to destroy the lives of our people as they are known for, and that is my only offense.
Let me restate for the records that I am not a criminal, I’m not a gun runner, or any threat to society, but a best friend of the grassroots, and that they have taken as an offense against me.
Thus these powerful individuals in the Rivers State government plan not only to criminalize my groups Kengema Unity Forum and Network for the Defense of Democracy and Good Governance which are formidable and consistently played strategic roles in the politics of Rivers state, but they have concluded plans to blacklist and discredit them because they are now seen as threats to their unbridled 2023 ambitions.

I therefore call on the President and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic Muhammadu Buhari and all Security Chiefs and Agencies to be aware of these plots against me, and do the needful and bring these persons and their co-travelers to justice as my life is now seriously threatened by them and they should be held responsible accordingly should anything happen to me.

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